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Taxes, taxes, taxes: Weber County’s valuations, property tax bills were fodder for a lot of coverage

March 1, 2019

Cyril Nopper at his Ogden home. The valuation on his home rose by more than a third in one year, and it got him concerned about rising property taxes, prompting him to probe valuations around his neighborhood. By Tim Vandenack

Taxes and death — the two certainties  of life.

Well, I focused a lot on taxes late last summer after property tax bills came out in Weber County and as a handful of locales considered property tax hikes. I jumped in, and, man, there were a lot of numbers to crunch. But then, I like numbers.

Here’s a look at some of the coverage:


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A look back to Weber County’s busy, busy election season last fall

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

On the campaign trail. Clockwise from top left, GOP U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, United Utah U.S. House hopeful Eric Eliason, Democratic U.S. House hopeful Lee Castillo (with family), Bishop and then-U.S. Senate hopeful (and eventual winner) Mitt Romney, Pam Harrison (a proponent of the medical marijuana proposal) and Green Party U.S. House hopeful Adam Davis. By Tim Vandenack

Weber County’s 2018 elections are in the history books and here are links to some of my coverage ahead of the Nov. 6, 2018, general election.

First, profiles of the four 1st District U.S. House hopefuls:

Here’s more:

There were more articles, profiles of all the varied races. Indeed, it was very busy heading up to the vote and in the aftermath. We used to have a few people who would help cover elections, but I did most of it this go-round. That’s how it is these days in newspapers with lower staffing. Even so, I like writing about politics, so no major complaints.

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GOP candidate selection process sows confusion in Weber Co. primaries

Wednesday, Dec. 5. 2018

Steve Waldrip, candidate for the District 8 Utah House seat, speaks at the Weber County Republican Party convention at Weber High School on April 14, 2018. By the Standard-Examiner

OGDEN — Election season is over, but here’s a look back at some of the highlights heading into the primary here in Weber County last June.

The rules governing how Republican candidates in Utah can secure a place on the primary ballot is a focus of sharp debate — petition or convention? — and the controversy reared its head here. Some GOPers don’t like the fact that candidates can get on the ballot via petition, bypassing scrutiny of GOP stalwarts at convention, making for some interesting guidelines.

Meanwhile, one race in particular generated a lot of heat — for a Weber County Commission post. Here are some highlights:



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Weber County Commissioner Gibson targeted in Ogden police probe

Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018

Weber County Commissioner Kerry Gibson, right, at a Feb. 20, 2018, meeting. He’s the focus of a police probe but he and his backers say he’s done nothing wrong. Commissioners Jim Harvey and James Ebert are also pictured. By Tim Vandenack

OGDEN — Weber County Commissioner Kerry Gibson is the target of an Ogden Police Department investigation of some sort.

Public information is hard to come by, but it’s been a surprise, the fact of an elected leader here, seemingly out of the blue, falling onto the radar screen of law enforcement. Gibson has rebuffed any notion of wrongdoing and any hint of what may be behind this has actually come from him and his supporters. They suspect a multi-million dollar flood-prevention project in western Weber County may be at the root of things, but they say nothing untoward happened as the project, overseen by the county and completed in 2015, unfolded.

The apparent sticking point is that Gibson, through his family dairy operation, owns land in the area where the project occurred, abutting the Weber River, in fact.

Here are a few of the stories I’ve done thus far:

Most of anything that’s come out has been sided in favor of Gibson. Police are saying little as things proceed.

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Weber County growth causes jitters, scrutiny among some

Monday Jan. 22, 2018

Taylor residents, left to right, Eric Page, Greg Bell, Michelle Peasley and Shae Bitton, worry about runaway growth in the zone west of Ogden. They’ve been pushing for more controlled growth. By Tim Vandenack

TAYLOR — Growth is the mantra along the Wasatch Front in Utah.

Though viewed as a good thing by many — an indicator of the strong economy and popularity of the area — expected population increases and expansion don’t have everyone clicking their heels. In the rural Taylor area in western Weber County, west of Ogden, some are leery of growth, worry it will happen too quickly and there will be too much. It may be inevitable, but residents in the area want more control over how growth evolves and they’ve been clamoring to be heard.

Here are a pair of stories:

The Taylor people aren’t the only ones worried. It’s been an issue in North Ogden (among other places), near the site of a planned large-scale, high-density development of apartments and townhomes. Here are a pair of articles from last year:


Laura Rentmeister, left, and sister Kathy Rollman hold a photo of their mother Verna Marriott. By Tim Vandenack

In a different vein, I recently wrote the sad, tragic story of a woman suffering dementia who inexplicably left her home early one morning, got lost and ended up dead in the yard of a home a half-mile away. Sounds like she lived a full life, had many who loved here. Sad, nonetheless:

Ogden woman’s family finds solace after her death in cold, but questions linger, Dec. 28, 2017

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