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Brent Taylor’s death shocks North Ogden and Utah, prompts huge outpouring

Tuesday Feb. 26, 2019

A Patriot Guard rider at attention, awaiting the removal of Maj. Brent Taylor’s body from a hearse outside Myers Mortuary in Ogden on Nov. 14, 2018. By Tim Vandenack

The death of Brent Taylor, major in the Utah Army National Guard and mayor of North Ogden, came as a huge shock.

I was driving home from a Weber State football game. It was a Saturday afternoon. Then a text, the news and wow. I got to work, cobbling together the information I could. It was a whirlwind for the next two weeks. Sad, sad news for the family.

Here’s some of the coverage:


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Weber County growth causes jitters, scrutiny among some

Monday Jan. 22, 2018

Taylor residents, left to right, Eric Page, Greg Bell, Michelle Peasley and Shae Bitton, worry about runaway growth in the zone west of Ogden. They’ve been pushing for more controlled growth. By Tim Vandenack

TAYLOR — Growth is the mantra along the Wasatch Front in Utah.

Though viewed as a good thing by many — an indicator of the strong economy and popularity of the area — expected population increases and expansion don’t have everyone clicking their heels. In the rural Taylor area in western Weber County, west of Ogden, some are leery of growth, worry it will happen too quickly and there will be too much. It may be inevitable, but residents in the area want more control over how growth evolves and they’ve been clamoring to be heard.

Here are a pair of stories:

The Taylor people aren’t the only ones worried. It’s been an issue in North Ogden (among other places), near the site of a planned large-scale, high-density development of apartments and townhomes. Here are a pair of articles from last year:


Laura Rentmeister, left, and sister Kathy Rollman hold a photo of their mother Verna Marriott. By Tim Vandenack

In a different vein, I recently wrote the sad, tragic story of a woman suffering dementia who inexplicably left her home early one morning, got lost and ended up dead in the yard of a home a half-mile away. Sounds like she lived a full life, had many who loved here. Sad, nonetheless:

Ogden woman’s family finds solace after her death in cold, but questions linger, Dec. 28, 2017

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