Victim in Goshen double-homicide came from Mexico looking for better life; jitters linger

Thursday March 17, 2016

I was off Monday, but received a Facebook message late in the day inquiring if I’d be interested in meeting with the family of one of the two victims of a double homicide in Goshen the day before.

I had read in The Elkhart Truth about the tragedy — two men shot and killed at a Goshen home for reasons unknown.

I don’t typically write about crime. But it was a big story, I’d be able to use my Spanish since that’s the language spoken by many of the family members and I jumped at the opportunity. The next day, Tuesday, I traveled to the home of one of the victim’s sisters, spoke to several family members about the man, Marco Carmona-Gonzalez. Then I traveled to the home where the killings occurred, still cordoned off by police, and, by chance, encountered a sister of the other victim, Jose Nava-Orozco.

The end result was two stories, one about the type of guy Carmona-Gonzalez was, the other about the anguish and lingering jitters, as conveyed by the Nava-Orozco sister, of the family of the victims. Of course I tweeted and posted to Facebook and Instagram along the way. Here are the two stories I did, pulled together quickly, part of our ongoing coverage:


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