Elkhart County mom, grandma push for child-abuse registry after boy’s death

Sunday Feb. 7, 2016

A pair of Elkhart County women have been pushing for state legislation to create a registry of child-abuse convicts, spurred by the death of their grandson.

I visited Angie and Anissa Garza, grandmother and mother, respectively, of Kirk Coleman last Monday, ahead of a vote on the proposal they’re promoting, Senate Bill 357, or Kirk’s Law. Theirs is a tragic story — Kirk died after allegedly suffering some sort of blow to the head and his babysitter is charged. Turns out the babysitter had been convicted previously in connection with another incident involving a child in 2006.

Now the Garzas seek the public online registry, like a sex-0ffender registry, so people can check into the backgrounds of their children’s caretakers. Kirk was just 19-months-old.

I followed the Indiana Senate hearing on the bill, writing up a quick story on passage of S.B. 357, which now goes to the Indiana House for consideration. I also put together a quick video (see above). Here are the two stories:


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