Indiana gun sales are up, up, up, FBI gun check stats show

Thursday Jan. 21, 2016

One of several graphics depicting growing gun sales in Indiana over the years.

One of several graphics I prepared depicting growing gun sales in Indiana over the years.

With recent talk of guns and gun control, we pulled together a package of stories looking at gun sales in Indiana, as gauged by federal gun background checks.

I dug into the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System,or NICS, figures, which required a fair amount of crunching and dissecting. They suggested a steady increase in gun sales in Indiana, higher interest in guns here, on average, than in the United States as a whole and a record-level of interest last December.

It’s timely stuff in light of the San Bernardino, Calif., shootings last month and President Obama’s executive actions on gun sales earlier in January.

Other elements of the package included a look at Indiana as supplier of guns to Chicago criminals and a rundown of the many legislative proposals related to guns in the Indiana General Assembly. It generated tons of comments, not surprisingly, perhaps, and plenty of buzz, judging by Facebook shares.

The print version contained numerous graphics depicting the data I culled and many are included in the main story, as well in an post I created (partially depicted at the top of this post). Here are my contributions:


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