It’s budget time in Elkhart, which means lots of numbers (oh, and the budget totals $61.22 million)

Wednesday Sept. 23, 2015

It’s budget time in Elkhart, Ind., which means number, numbers and numbers.

Wage hikes are the big thing this go-round, with most city employees in line to see raises thanks to a funds generated by a hike last year by Elkhart County officials in what’s call the local option income tax. The biggest winners are police and firefighters, who already received mid-year wage hikes as of July 1 and are in line to get additional 2 percent hikes on Jan. 1 per the $61.22 million budget plan. Elkhart City Council members are in line to get 22.3 percent raises, the relatively large number stemming in part from their relatively low wages to start with, $15,611.

I put together a pair of graphics highlighting some of the numbers, one of them below in png format because the interactive version can’t be embedded here (though the image links to the original). Budgets aren’t car crashes or sensational crimes, they don’t titillate. But it’s your tax dollars, thus it’s important.

Here are a pair of stories I’ve written thus far (budget deliberations are ongoing):


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